a lot-a lot of something more than one.
allot-to parcel out
board-a long flat piece of wood a plank
bored-to make weary or dull
brake-a piece of equipment that stop a vehicle
break-to separate into pieces
Desert-a big desolate place
dessert-a sweet meal that is served at the end of a meal
hear-when the ear recieves sound you hear
here-at or in this place
it's-this is a form of it is, a contraction
its-a form of it possessive form
led-a past tense word' meaning led in led a group
lead-a piece you put in a mechanical pencil to write
lie-a false truth a statement that is said wrong or intentionally
to-in addition to also
two- one plus one, one more than one
your-a possessive form of you
you're-a contraction of you are
lay-to put something down right the right of something
write-to write on paper
rite-the perscribing of