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“People think history is mostly facts. Actually, history reduces itself to individuals and memories and emotions and ideas.”

-Ken Burn

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What are a few of the things I will learn in Mr. Shake's Class this year???

By : Mr. Shake

Received & edited (only a little bit) by Style (aka Heidi)

To start out next year, they will do much the same as what you guys did in 2007-2008. I usually mix things up a bit just so I don't get bored teaching the same thing for 6 or 7 classes each school day in each year, year after year after year, but in general I think next year will run about the same. So... to start the year we will do our "Intro to History" unit. Remember these questions:
  • What is history? History is a point-of-view and we all see it a little differently.
  • Also, why study history? To understand ourselves, our culture, our ancestors, to not repeat the mistakes of the past.
  • What is cause and effect, primary and secondary sources, etc...
  • Then we will do Utah geography...maps of Utah, the 3 regions of Utah, Utah's dry climate, etc.
  • Then we will do Utah geology. Millions of years of time studied in a few days! Dinosaurs, trilobites, mountains forming, earthquakes, Ice Ages, Lake Bonneville, wooly mammoths, etc.

This is a chart of what we did this week.


  • TBA = To Be Announced
  • ??? = Not Sure if Information is correct
  • IDK = I Don't Know
  • NTG = Nothing


What We Did
When It's Due





History Quote of the Month

"History teaches everything including the future." -Lamartine

Here are some pictures that go along with what we are studying in Mr. Shake's class :