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A Whole New Crew is Welcomed

Edited by : Heidi (aka Style)
July 17, 2008
On the start of the 2008-09 school year the SWAT Team
Teachers welcomed the new 7th grade crew. They will
learn many things in the SWAT Pod & will have the
chance to share what they learned with others. They
will help the SWAT Team Wiki progress & be made
better. The "Older" generation of SWAT Team Officers
hope that the new "Crew" carry on the legacy that was
started in Mr. Jones' 5th period's classroom in the 2007-08
school year. We salute you, new crew!!!!!! Carry on!!!!!

The Start of A New Year

Edited By : Heidi (aka Style)
August 6, 2008
Before the the new school year started, students were
shopping for school supplies & trying to catch up on all
the sleep that they supposedly didn't get enough of in
the past year. Now, a few weeks before school starts,
many students are wishing they had their schedules
& were in school, because of the boredoms of having
no homework to do all Summer long. They don't know
what to do for the the last few weeks of the Summer.
Now students are going to be sitting in desks &
learning for about 9-10 months of the year.They will
soon wish that it was Summer time again. I hope
that ALL of you have a great school year no matter
how much you hate the teachers, the homework,
the hours, or the school lunches. Our best of wishes
to you & again, have a GREAT year.

Hillary, out of the Race!!!!

Edited by : Heidi (aka Style)
July 17, 2008
Hillary dropped out of the presidential race awhile back.
She didn't have the right amount of votes to be the
democratic candidate. This made many people happy
& sad. An odd thing though, is that Hillary is now
helping Obama supporting him. Is she trying to gain
the role of a vice presidency??? Does she want only
a democrat serving the country??? Does she like
him??? Or other unknown reasons???

How do we get our president???

There's three easy steps.

  • We first vote on the Republicans and the Democrats
then we have a person form the Republicans and
Democrats that would run for president. For example
if we have McCain as our runner for the republicans
since he has the most votes for now and then Obama
runs for the democrats and also he has the most votes to.

  • Then we will vote between these two candidates. Like
for our example we would have to vote between Obama
or McCain.

  • Then who ever wins the most votes is our president,
whether we like it or not.

Get your own Poll!

  • Please note that McCain was favored to win the
Presidential seat and didn't. Our current President of
the US is President Barack Obama, the first ever
African-American president.
-Heidi (aka Style)
Mar. 10, 2009

Chat Page...Deleted!!!!!

Edited by : Heidi (aka Style)
July 17, 2008

Why Did Mr. Jones Delete The Chat Page?!?

Well Mr. Jones told some questioning students that he deleted the chat
page because of the all of the bad things that has been happening.
Examples are: bad language, talking behind peoples backs, trying to
remain unknown, etc. There is also another reason why Mr. Jones deleted
the chat page & it's because he accidentally deleted the chat page. He
said, "He would put the chat page back when the time comes right."
But which is true??? You decide did he really accidentally delete the
chat page or did he purposely delete it. Maybe later on we will see if
Mr. Jones will put the chat page back on. WILL HE OR WILL HE NOT?

Get your own Poll!

David Archuleta Home Coming!!!!

Edited by : Heidi (aka Style)
July 17, 2008
David Archuleta was in town May 9th!!!!! For the next American idol
episode!!!!! He went on several radio stations and several new channels!
At 11:00 AM May 9th he was at the Gateway Signing autographs,
thousands of fans came to see him. Sadly his time was short at the
Gateway a lot of people that lined up did not get to see him. There were
people lined up for this event as early as 4:00 in the morning. David got
tons of marriage proposals none of them were accepted seeing as he is
17. Later in the Day at 3:15 a pep rally was held at Murray High school
for David Archuleta!!! It was hosted by Big Budda. At 4:30 David Archuleta
and drove around the track twice in a white Camero. He later sang Imagine,
Stand by me, and Angels. He only sang 3 songs because American Idol
told him to do only 3. The Governor gave him a street sign that is now here
in Utah named Archuleta Avenue. May 9th was also declared by the governor
David Archuleta Day in Utah!!!! David later left to sing the National Anthem at
the Jazz game! Then he left Utah to head back to Hollywood for the next
American Idol episode.

One thing funny he said was "If I were hitting on a girl I'd say, Do you like
water?" Then she says yes & he says,"My body is 70% water"