This page will be used for anyone who needs help in school!

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Wikis that students made concerning help with school, some may not be very updated:

*You can message anyone on the IM thing and post messages if you need help*

Here are some good internet links to go to for help (But be careful on the internet!):

Here are some good books to use for research & stuff:
  • encyclopedias
  • dictionaries
  • use library catalog
  • have the librarian show you the subjects you need

Here are some other sources you can use:
  • internet
  • parents
  • teachers
  • friends (these may not be the greatest source)
  • siblings (which may ALSO not be so great)
  • aunts/uncles
  • grandparents (I wouldn't trust what they say, because they are older & may have learned things that we have found out aren't, EX: Archeabacteria & Eubacteria have are no longer combined to make Monera)

To discuss things you need help on click discussion on the tab on the top or Click Here.