When Fort Herriman goes through accreditation, teachers start to tell students about DRSLs. First what is accreditation? It's basically where teachers, administrators, and some parents from out of state come to look at schools. They decide whether or not the school is teaching students things that they should learn. If they are, the students get credit for the classes they take at that school, if not they will come back in about a year or so to see whether or not the school has started doing what they're supposed to. When the school passes the accreditation, teachers, administrators, and parents will say something like three years, or six years, and that's when the school will next go through accreditation. What are DRSLs (pronounced dur-cells) and why should you care about them? DRSLs are

esults for

For the school year 2008-2009 the staff and community of FHMS have come up of with the following DRSLs for this school years accreditation. For students they are known as the four Cs.

  • Critical Thinking
  • Continuous Learning
  • Communication
  • Character Development

For Critical thinking teachers basically want to take real life situations and put them in classrooms for students to use their knowledge to think things out and try to solve problems.

With Continuous learning, teachers just want students to always be learning inside and out of classrooms.

For communication, teachers want students to be able to communicate with the people around them politely, and respectfully.

Last, but not least, Character Development. Teachers want to use the RATTLE Rules and other concepts to help students become better people.