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Whomever is in band or orchestra this is for you!


Here is a link to Smart Music just in case you would like to go there---Smart Music & here is Smart Music Impact---Smart Music Impact (you must login before you can view these pages)

Here are Some (sort of) music related Wikis or other sites where music MIGHT be found:

Comments & Questions (along with a few answers):


Q = Question or Quote
R = Reply
A = Answer
C = Comment

Q: Next year you should try orchestra in advance only if you know how to play a violin, viola, cello, and bass because there are only two people that are 7th graders Quinn and Dane (EliteDragonRider)!!! It will be awesome if more 7th graders where with us. (including the 8th and 9th graders that are in advance orchestra)-Dane
R: I find it easy to point out that next year any one in beginning orchestra WILL be in advanced orchestra as an 8th grader so that there will be more people in your age group, that is if they continue to play an instrument. -style

Q: Flutes are the

best instruments

in the Band & Orchestra!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -style

A: Woodwinds sound horrible!!!!!!!

A: Your right they do, but it's only the clarinets, oboe, & saxes, the rest.....are the BEST!!! -style

A: Uh, no, i like the saxes, the rest i hate - N8 (No Offense)

A: Your right saxes sound good, but the sax players in the beginning band did NOT sound very good (this year anyways) but, they never really practiced either.


Which String Instrument is Better???????

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Which Brass Instrument Is Better???????

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Notes & Scales (sorta):

Notes In a Treble Cleff Along with Musical Speeds

Pictures relating to music fantazma!!!!!!!!!!!

Musical Cuff Links.......Interesting

And who's room would this be?????

Look what music can do to people......

A pick-up note in the Treble Cleff