I think that IPods should not be allowed in school. I will show why in the following paragraphs.

My first reason why IPods should not be at school is because if you lose it somewhere or someone takes it then the school will be responsible.

My second reason is... That kids with IPods will disrupt the class. Other students will not be able to learn as much as they either hoped to or were suppose to.

My third reason is... The IPods can get broken very easily by passing people in the halls. Then the IPod owner will get mad and may sew the school.

This is why IPods should not be allowed at school.

Lexi Howes

..........Imagine if there was this school were students were allowed to take IPods to school and would not focus on the school work. Some people believe that we should have IPods at school. We must not bring IPods to school.
..........One reason to not have IPods at school is so kids get the education they need. This helps so that people can use that education to get a better job later on in life. For example the students that have the IPods will not get the grades needed to get the certain job they want, they will be unhappy and possibly become poor. It is possible that they may have a second choice of a job, but they may still be unhappy from not getting that first choice job.
..........Besides not getting an education to be able to get a job that is wanted, we should not have IPods at school because there may be bad influences in the music listened to. This helps so that kids will not be disrespectful to teachers and friends at school. For example a kid listens to a song that has bad words in it, that kid gets mad at his/her teacher and swears at him/her and gets in really big trouble. It is possible that the kid may swear at a friend and the friend does not tell an adult, but that still is not good and those bad words should not have been said at all.
..........In addition to not getting an education to be able to get a job that is wanted and bad influences, we should not be allowed to bring IPods to school to also let other students get their education needed. This helps so that they won't be disturbed or teased during class. For example the class is working on a big assignment and did not finish on time because of others disturbing them and then teased for not having an IPod. It is possible that your student may get done on time, but they will still get teased for not even having one.
..........So, not getting an education to be able to get a job that is wanted, bad influences, and not letting other students get their education needed show that there should not be any IPods at school. So please don't let your student get teased or not get the desired job.