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Welcome To The SWAT Team Wiki (Students Who Achieve Together)

"The most successful people are those who learn; not those who know."

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In the following pages you will Receive help on any of the following areas in your school.

Be Safe Online -- Click here to get more information on being safe online.
Fort Herriman Middle School Website -- Our School Website
SKYWARD -- Check your grades & Attendance
Questions -- A page where you ask questions & hopefully be answered
Help Page -- A page with resources to to help you
In Progress -- Find out what to do to help this wiki progress or what you could possibly do

Critical Information: Remember that when you want to join the wiki, write down your name and what period you have for Mr. Jones.

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Take a vocabulary quiz on: and every question you get right the U.N. will donate 10 grains of rice to the World Food Program. (It changed from 20 to 10 grains of rice somewhat recently)

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