The Six (6) Historian Skills

  1. Identify Cause & Effect
  2. Identify the Source: Primary or Secondary?
  3. Consider Point of View
  4. Understand Citations & Paraphrasing
  5. Master Reading comprehension
  6. Master Persuasive writing & speaking

Memorized Saying:

Come See Patrick Catch Rabies Please

(Cause & Effect)
The historical idea that explains how one event from the past can lead to another which can lead to another etc.
Primary: Someone who witnessed a historical event them selves
Secondary: Someone, often a historian, who did NOT witness a historical event, but is studying eyewitness accounts
Thinking about a person's perspective affects what they see & report
Citations & Paraphrasing)

Citations: A quotation of another person to show where the fact was found/from
Paraphrasing: To rearrange the words & ideas of another person
(Reading Comprehension)
Understanding what is being read
(Persuasive Writing & Speaking)
Communicating in a way that is designed to convince others of your opinion